Bolt Tensioner one floor with spring returnKTS1

 Bolt Tensioner one floor with spring return KTS1 

In addition to producing different models of Bolt Tensioner, Kacharabzar co has the ability to design and produce different types of Bolt Tensioner exclusively and customized. All products will be made by Kacharabzar. Meanwhile, all the best foreign products in Iran have no guarantee for the sale of their products.

Features and Application of Bolt Tensioner Bolt Tensioner
- Variety in sockets to increase efficiency and reduce costs
- Ease of use and time saving
- Provide bead sheath to the number of sockets of each model as a gift
- Anti-wear and corrosion coating
- unique design
- Fast delivery time
- Valid warranty
- With the approval and certificate of performance testing from Razi Research Institute
- Ability to use in confined spaces
- Ability to use manual and electric pumps

 Bolt Tensioner one floor with spring returnKTS1
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