Bolt tensioner KT2

Bolt tensioner KT2

 Advantages of the Kentucky Tools Towel Belt:

Variety in sockets to increase efficiency and reduce costs Ease of use and saving time Provide nut pods to the number of sockets of each model as gifts Anti-wear and corrosion coating

 Bolt Tensioner is offered in two models, one KT1 and two KT2. Huge bolts are not broken - easy to work with, bolts are not loosened, and bolt threads are loose, and so on. The Bolt Tensioner method works by using multiple tensors simultaneously. The hydraulic act does this amazingly well, and the pressure applied to all parts is the same, making sure no damage is done to the bolts. Bolt-tensors are used in boilers, compressor covers, pipe flanges and heat exchangers and other industrial machinery and equipment.


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